Requirements for Honors Scholars


Completion of a minimum of 15 credits of upper-division honors coursework in the major, with no grade lower than a “B-“. These 15 credits are to be apportioned as follows:

6 Honors credits at the 2000-level or above

3 credits of Senior Research Thesis

3 credits of seminar-type coursework:

· Graduate course(s) in an appropriate discipline

· MAST Capstone course taken in junior year (MAST 4994W)

3 credits to be composed from any of the following:

· Graduate course(s) in an appropriate discipline

· Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar

· Internship

· Additional MAST Capstone course MAST 4994W

· Honors conversion of an upper division undergraduate course in an appropriate department

· Additional Independent Study

Note: In addition to the “Honors conversion” listed above, it will be necessary for Maritime Studies Honors Scholars to have select courses approved as honors credits from the University Honors Office.


Completion and submission of a senior thesis to the Honors Office that meets departmental standards for creativity and rigor


Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40.